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What is Rifff?

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Who's Using Rifff?

Lori Jacobs

UI Designer

Thank you, Justin, for saving my bacon! A new client asked me to design a mobile app — and I was in a total panic! At my old agency, I would have walked down the hall and asked someone but now I'm on my own. That's where Rifff came in: I posted my designs and heard back from Justin in about 20 minutes. He was so helpful! It took him about 5 minutes to tell me what would've taken me two days to figure out on my own. My client loves the app, and the cool thing is, now I've met a great designer. Justin, if you ever need help with type, color, or branding, let me know!

Joel Hawkins

Graphic Designer

Reviewing projects on Rifff has really helped me look at the critique phase of the design process from a different perspective. After I’ve reviewed a piece, I’ll find myself thinking about it a couple of days later; hoping that my suggestions helped. It’s great to be able to make suggestions to someone that really wants honest feedback, and it’s even better knowing that they’ll give me the same time and attention when I need feedback on one of my projects.